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Lullaby Dozy Dinkum - Leo - Baby Blue

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Lullaby Dozy Dinkums, here you are. With the same huggable, soft, comforting design as the most-loved Dozy Dinkums, Lullaby Leo comes with a little pompom on the end of their bonnet which when pulled plays a sleepy tune.

Product Information

  • Suitable for ages 0+
  • Lullaby plays on a whimsical pull-string music box
  • Leo is posable and gently weighted for calm
  • Embroidered features and stars, and a Dinkum rainbow over the heart
  • Non-removable velvet onesie
  • During playtime, keep baby Leo close with a Dinkum Doll Carrier or Dinkum Doll Cot
  • Made from cotton and polyester
  • Interior fill contains polyester fibres and plastic pellets. Dozy Dinkums can be posed in multiple sleeping positions with their head, arms, and legs joined to their body by an interior fabric tape.
  • Packaged in a printed muslin bamboo drawstring bag
  • Supervision is recommended at all times.
  • Always adhere to SIDS safe sleeping guidelines. Do not leave an infant unattended with anything in their bassinet or cot. During sleep, ensure that Lullaby Dozy Dinkum Leo is kept out of reach for babies under 12 months old. Although the toy may not be within their grasp, babies will still find comfort in seeing and hearing it during their sleep.

What’s Included

  • Lullaby Dozy Dinkum Leo
  • Printed cotton bamboo drawstring bag

Dimensions & Weight

  • 31cm body
  • 16cm pull string
  • Weight: 0.16 kg


Product Care

  • Spot clean only. Please be mindful of the internal mechanical music box; do not wash or submerge it in water. Do not tumble dry, iron, or dry clean

Made In:

  • Handmade ethically in China

Product Questions:

  1. What makes the Lullaby Dozy Dinkums so special? Our limited-edition Lullaby Dozy Dinkums are truly magical with a built-in mechanical music box. Each doll plays the timeless melody 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' when you gently pull the attached string, adorned with a soft pompom. The tune will begin playing, creating a magical atmosphere for a cosy bedtime routine.
  2. Can I replace the lullaby with a different tune? The music box is crafted to play the classic 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,' and unfortunately, it cannot be customised to feature a different melody.
  3. When can I introduce a sleep toy for my baby? Introducing a sleep companion is a wonderful idea at any time. However, for children under 12 months old, it's important to ensure that Lullaby Dozy Dinkum Leo is placed out of their reach during sleep. Although the toy may not be within their grasp, babies will still find comfort in seeing and hearing it during their sleep. For extra bedtime comfort, we recommend sleeping with your Lullaby Dozy Dinkum for a week to imprint your scent on the toy. Gradually acquaint your little one with their newfound friend by incorporating baby Leo into goodnight kisses, cradling both your baby and Leo when rocking your child to sleep, and allowing your baby to explore Leo's fabric while listening to their twinkly tune.

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