Changing Mats

To extend the life of your changing mat and keep it looking as new as possible we recommend the following: 

Wipe clean with a warm damp cloth only. Do not use cleaning chemicals as this may damage the material and fade/discolour the print (not machine washable).

Do not leave spills to soil the material (e.g. nappy cream). This can cause staining and discolouration.

Do not fold wedge, standard/classic or basket changing mats as this will cause damage.

Keep changing mat away from sharp objects to avoid puncturing.

Keep out of direct sunlight.

Our changing mats are made from a flexible, durable material however with regular or improper use as with any changing mat they may become subject to wear and tear.

Please note that due to the nature of its use, changing mats may be susceptible to staining. Our changing mats are made of a waterproof, wipeable material however they are not stain resistant.