Choosing the Right Changing Mat

Choosing the Right Changing Mat: Standard vs. Wedge vs. Travel vs. Basket

Changing nappies is an inevitable part of parenting, and having the right changing mat can make the task much more convenient. With various options available, it's essential to understand the differences between standard changing mats, wedge changing mats, travel changing mats and changing baskets to make an informed choice based on your needs and lifestyle.

Standard and wedge changing mats fit most changing units but we definitely recommend double checking the measurements of your unit to make sure. If theres a bit of extra space at the end of the changing unit this can be very handy for keeping a couple of nappies, nappy cream and wipes at hand.

  1. Standard Changing Mat: The Classic Choice Standard changing mats are the most traditional option and great for those who like a classic shape/design. Here are some key features:

    • Versatility: Ideal for use on changing tables/nappy-changing stations. Standard changing mats are a great choice for home use, providing a stable and comfortable surface for your baby.

    • Easy to store: Standard changing mats are thinner that wedge changing mats therefore can be a better option for storing in places like under or behind the sofa if you choose to have a changing mat the livingroom.

  2. Wedge Changing Mat: Angled for Comfort Wedge changing mats have a modern aesthetic and are designed with sides that curve up to make it harder for your little one to roll during nappy changing.

    • Angled Design: Wedge design is practical and can help stop rolling. It might not stop strong willed little ones entirely but can definitely help.

    • Portability: While not as portable as a travel changing mat, wedge mats can still be moved easily between rooms in your home and are still slim enough to store easily.

    • Easily change cover/pattern: Whether you're changing up your decor or the cats claw has gone through your changing mat, wedge mats have a cover that easily unzips. We sell the covers separately to save having to buy a whole new changing mat. Replacement covers can be bought here
  3. Travel Changing Mat: On-the-Go Convenience For parents on the move, a travel changing mat is a must-have. These mats are designed with portability and convenience in mind:

    • Compact and Foldable: Travel changing mats are smaller and can be folded easily, making them perfect for parents on the go.

    • Waterproof and Easy to Clean: Made from the same waterproof and easily wipeable materials as our other changing mat styles.

    • Lightweight: Travel changing mats are lightweight, ensuring they won't add unnecessary weight to your nappy bag. This makes them a practical choice for families who already have plenty to take out on the go.

  4. Changing Baskets & Mats/Liners For those looking for a more luxurious aesthetic. 

    A changing basket with waterproof liner has a visually appealing design, adding an extra touch of style to your nursery. As with all our changing mats they come in various designs and colours so they'll complement any nursery.

    • Comfortable and secure: Changing basket liners are padded & waterproof, providing a comfortable surface for your baby within the basket. This is especially important for newborns with delicate skin.
    • Removable liner for future use: Once your little one is past the nappy changing stage, the liner can be removed and the basket can then be used elsewhere around the house for storage.

Conclusion: Choosing the right changing mat depends on your specific needs, lifestyle and budget. Standard changing mats are versatile for home use, wedge changing mats provide added comfort, travel changing mats offer the ultimate convenience for families on the move and changing baskets have a luxurious aestheitic whilst still being practical. Consider your preferences, space limitations, and mobility requirements to find the perfect changing mat that suits your parenting style.

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